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Buyer Beware

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
The store was very clean
Store Cleanliness
Misleading. High pressure sales tactics.
Sales Pressure

Posted by William Z from Whitehall, PA on February 20, 2011

We were in the market for a new mattress and willing to look in the $2k+ range. We were met who I refer to now as "Dragonlady". She was overbearing, condescending and rude to her Associate but more condescending to us.

We narrowed it down to two mattresses and of course, one was slightly more than the other. Naturally she attempted to steer us to the more expensive model which was the Dr. Breus mattress. Dragonlady said it was a "natural latex mattress". When in fact after much research at home, it is 70% poly foam and 30% synthetic latex. That's when the high pressure sales gimmicks started flying. The first gimmick was the offering of some LED wide screen TV with the purchase of a mattress of a certain amount. I can only imagine the waste of landfill space this TV would be. The "wiggle" room was the taking some money off if you didn't want the TV. Then they tried the "two free pillows" that are worth $200 if we made a deposit that very day. This deposit is fully refundable of course they proclaimed. The gotcha is that it would take 30 days for you to get your refund back. Then Dragonlady would yell over to her Associate in a demeaning manner and demanded that he call a sales rep for Dr. Breus to see if they could go lower on the price. He probably dialed up the time and weather and responded that they couldn't go any lower. I imagine this "call" is used quite often. Finally, "free delivery" would only be offered through the weekend. Right. Free delivery is standard at every mattress store. Especially when you are dropping $2k. We had enough and left. We went online and found out that they also have deceptive warranty practices. We will never patronize a store that has these types of business practices. Thankfully we never purchased and went to a local Mom and Pop that treated us like intelligent human beings.

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    We also had a horrible experience at Sleepys. IN 3 years we had to exchange our mattress FOUR TIMES because the mattresses kept sinking and we are NOT fat people). Every time we went back to the "showroom" to select another mattress, we ended up s[ending more money on the mattress in addition to the $89.99 delivery charge. The store selss you a defective mattress and then charges you to have a new one delivered. To make a very long and painful story short, it took a letter and complaint to the better business bureau to get our money back.

    By: Anonymous on April 3, 2011

    I will be doing the same on 9/12/11....thank you

    By: Anonymous on September 10, 2011

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