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Sleepys won't honor comfort exchange policy

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Posted by Riley L from Chester, VA on January 26, 2011

I purchased a mattress for $2400 at Sleepys in Chester, Virginia, with hopes I was investing in long-term product that would meet my satisfaction. I chose a bed that would meet my partner and my chiropractic needs,"half soft/half firm". The company assured me the bed would meet our satisfaction since it's "the Mercedes Benz" of their bed lines. After making the purchase and the product was delivered, I put on the protective mattress cover provided by the company. After two weeks of sleeping on the mattress it started to sag on my side, now the matress is significantly uneven. I was assured during the purchase process that the transition from soft to firm would not be noticable because of the technology behind the making of the mattress. Since the mattress didn't meet my satisfaction, and there is no exchange policy, I contacted the company and asked to partake in their 21-day comfort exchange policy, which allowed me to pay a fee to have the old product removed and a new mattress put in. I chose to have the same brand, but rather than having the soft/firm distinction, I wanted a solid "soft" bed. I paid more than $500 for this exchange. The company arrived today to deliver the mattress. The deliverers won't remove the old mattress because there are two places at the foot of the bed that they said were slightly discolored. We've had the protective pad on the mattress since the moment it arrived and did not contribute to any discoloration on the mattress. (I would be happy to provide photographs of the mattress). Also, nowhere in their Comfort Exhange Policy did it say it had to be in "mint" condition, considering we were sleeping on the product, but I assure you, there are no stains on the mattress. I believe the company is looking for a reason not to honor the exchange because they would potentially lose money on the product. I am now stuck with a $2400 defective mattress and am disappointed Sleepys won't honor their 21-day Comfort Exchange policy.

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Riley L from Chester VA - I would like to offer assistance. I don't have any other direct way to contact you but I am the VP of Support Services for Sleep To Live - the manufacturer. You can give me a call at 1-800-800-1353.

By: Anonymous on March 2, 2011

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