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Does not stand behind what they sell

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Sales person was very nice
Laura Ashley Mattress w/Pillow top is defective. (has large lumps less than 7 months after purchase) Sleepy's refuses to replace.
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Posted by Vernon M from Wharton, NJ on September 16, 2010

We had a Sleepy's rep come to photograph and file a report about lumps in our Laura Ashley Pillow top mattress (not 7 months old) Rep told us that it should not have the lumps in it that it has. 4 days later, Tasha called from customer service informing me that Sleepy's has determined that mattress meets manufacturers specs and they will do nothing. She was uncooperative and actually rude on the phone. I asked to speak with her supervisor and, after a long wait, was told by Tasha that they'd refer the problem to the manufacturer. Just the old story of passing the buck. DO NOT BUY FROM SLEEP'S. They don't stand behind what they sell.

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Sleepys does not have reps that come to inspect mattresses. The inspectors are a third, neutral party, not sleepys or laura ashley this way the decesion is sure to be fair. Mattresses are supposed to get a slight body impression like a couch or a car seat would. If the mattress was not deemed defective it means the impression was nothing more than a normal impression. Sleepys has NOTHING to do with this determination and your warranty is with the manufacturor, not the retailor. Sleepys is happy to do the leg work and call the ionspectors for you and set up everything but in the end have nothing to do with the decesion. All of this information is stated on the terms and conditions page of your sales invoice, signed by every customer.

By: Anonymous on January 16, 2011

very interesting. i hadn't seen the Jan 16, 2011 post. sounds like it was written by a Sleepy's employee. The 3rd party rep told me the mattress was defective. After much unpleasant conversation, Sleepy's finally exchanged the mattress for a new one. They fought me about delivery charges. New mattress had the same defect which reared its ugly head a couple of months after it was delivered. Again, a rep (3rd party) came, took photos, etc. This mattress was also determined to be defective. After much haggling, we picked out a different brand mattress which they did an even eschange for. Again, they fought me on delivery charges. DO NOT BUY FROM SLEEPY'S. They were an absolutely terrible company to deal with and I would never purchase anything from them again. They fought me every step of the way after they sold me a defective product, not once but twice. I was astounded that they actually tried to charge me for delivery of replacement mattresses. I will not do business with people who even try to do business that way. FIGHT THEM UNTIL THEY DO WHAT's RIGHT.

By: Vernon M of Wharton, NJ on September 10, 2011

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