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One of the two worst consumer experiences of my life

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
Issue Resolution

Posted by Beth G from Newtonville, MA on May 31, 2010

I bought a Q-size mattress set and asked for deferred delivery because I was waiting for someone to help empty my water bed. The regional manager called and asked me to take delivery sooner for a free delivery. I had to call about 10 times to get someone to get him on the phone and admit that was true. Also, the shipper out of CT delivered the mattress and I signed and had them put in the corner of my room for when the waterbed was emptied. In the meantime, I discovered they delivered a full size. They refused to make good on it because it went past 30 days and I never touched it. I was sealed in plastic. My frame and headboard were for a Queen. They made it sound like my fault that I didn't know that standing up it was a full size, not a queen when the slip I signed said it was a Queen--sorry like I didn;t think to measure it. I made several calls, then finally wrote the family in NY and they had someone call me and all I got was a free full-size frame worth about $39. Now I'm stuck with it and it's a very expensive pillow-top guest bed and I had to buy myself a new Queen size. I was hustled by a regional manager who was worse than most used-car salesman.

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