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need better communication with client.

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Customer Service

Posted by Diann H from Littleton, CO on September 13, 2016

the nest bedding company did not, in my opinion, do a very good job at letting me know when the bed was to be here. i called them several times because it seemed to take longer than i was expecting.

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    Official Response
    Hi Diann, you ordered your mattress in the evening after the close of business on April 6th. We quoted 5-7 business days then. Your mattress arrived on the 15th of April, 6 business days. Here are the emails that were sent to you.
    Christian Alexander sent a follow-up email to Diann.
    APRIL 11
    Joe Alexander sent a follow-up email to Diann.
    APRIL 6
    Order confirmation email was sent to Diann.
    So, we delivered the bed in 6 business days, and sent you confirmation emails, tracking emails. Not sure what I am missing with your complaint here, but I think you can see that we not only delivered on time but sent you lots of communication along the way.

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