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  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Good
  • Service: Very poor
Product Quality

Posted by Blake from Saint Louis, MO on February 5, 2018

I purchased a bed from this Mattress Firm 3 years ago and the mattress is horrible. The bed already has severe indentation from my body and my wife’s body, I bet you are thinking that I we are over weight... I can assure you we are not and I would say we are below the average weight. Mattress firm has a “10 Year warranty”, so I went back to the store to discuss options and they sent a 3rd party company out to look and measure the mattress. The 3rd party measured the mattress at the highest point in the center of the mattress and sent me notification that the the bed did not meet their requirements for a new mattress. Of course it didn’t knuckle heads, you didn’t measure the mattress at its distress points! The store gave me some horrible foam top pad to try and it did not help at all. I ended up getting back surgery and I personally feel that the mattress that I spent $2,700 on is partially to blame with its poor design and support. I am now going to have to spend $4,500 on a sleep number mattress that can meet my needs. I am never one to bad mouth any company or product, but Mattress Firm has failed on so many levels of customer service. You will be ok with your purchase for the first year, but the beds fall apart. Go somewhere else!!!!

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