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Posted by Sophia N from Burleson, TX on October 23, 2013

My sales person was very helpful, but seemed very unfamiliar with how the state fair ran anything. He lived in Fl and was just in for the fair. Lots of mix ups!! When laying on one of the beds at the fair, I laid in something very wet. I think someone had spilt beer on the mattress and my shirt and head was wet upon getting off the bed. I was told by the sales rep before purchase that he could deliver next day. After the purchase was made I was then told that the earliest they could deliver would be 3 days after purchase, "Next Day Delivery" was not true in this case. Once delivery was set up and the delivery window came and went and no one showed up, I had to call to find out they didn’t have my mattress in stock evidently. A phone call to tell me know that before I waited many hours would have been nice. So essentially I did not get the mattress until 4 days after purchase. Delivery people seemed very rushed and they were so rushed they forgot part of my delivery, which I then had to go pick up myself. For spending over 7,000.00 on a bed, I truly expected to have better CS. I have talked to my sales rep about my bed not really being what I expected, it is very firm, but he has stated I needed to give it more time. I have read on your website to give it at least 30 days, so I will, but I am a bit leery as to how the 1 year guarantee will hold up after the way the purchase and delivery went. Not a very happy Mattress Firm buyer at this point although the sales rep upgraded my bed frame to a wirless remote intead of the remote I purchased with the wire. I appreciated that, but I was still disappointed in missing plans for 2 nights waiting on a bed to be delivered.

  • Purchased in Oct 2013

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