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  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Fed U from Immokalee, FL on December 4, 2017

I have been patient, kind and today your lack of customer service and lies was the final straw!! called 4 times to resolve my order being placed on my online account, an email confirmation of my order e-mailed to me and having my rewards points put onto my account and having the ability to track my order. I have been previously told; I have to wait 24-48 hours for my order AND email AND the online account/order to join together 2x, that they would email a confirmation of my order 4x and they NEVER emailed it until the furniture department finally did it!!! The customer service representatives lie, telling me the account would join on its own in 24-48 hours. When I bought the mattress it said I would be contacted by December 5th for delivery. When they FINALLY send me the order confirmation email, it now states I will be contacted for delivery by December 12th!!! They lie telling me that I can use my points for the Black Friday sale! They lie telling me I can also combine coupons with the rewards points on Black Friday - I waited and waited and STILL NO POINTS - My order has NEVER reached my online account!! I can't track it! I can't see it!! I have been gaslighted by your customer representatives & your furniture department. The furniture department representative tried to gaslight me - I told her I wanted an email confirmation OF THE ORDER SENT TO ME THAT no one HAS YET BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH sending me a damn email!! She said she wanted me to show her some respect! I said, excuse me?! When am I gonna get some respect & get the email I requested 4 times now?? And then she gets snarky. I said Yeah, I want an email sent of my order - silence. And I said hello? And she begins saying what do I want? I said I'm waiting. She said for what? I said for the email. She gaslights me saying but you never asked. WHAT??!! I asked for her supervisor & was placed on hold. THAT conversation was also crappy customer service!!! I asked to speak to the furniture floor manager's supervisor & she told me she doesn't have one!! LIAR

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