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Posted by Jas on October 8, 2018

baught a mattress, mattress box and a mattress cover from brick on Friday oct 5th. I didnot wanted to buy the mattress cover but jaspreet(sales associate) said he would give us discount, so I agreed to buy that cover. I had that cover with me and wanted to bring that home the same day, but jaspreet said he would said that cover with the delivery so we agreed.
I got the delivery on Sunday but the mattress cover wasn't the same that jaspreet showed us. I looked at the bill and found that the bill had the cheaper cover listed. 
So what technically happened was I was showed a different mattress cover, but they put a different cover in my bill and delivered that cheaper cover. 
I went to talk to the store manager and he said it was my fault that I did not look at the bill during the purchase. I trusted brick thats why I didn't look at my bill. He said I would have to pay extra to get that cover. They were clearly thinking that I was lying.

I am dealing with brick from 2011 and till now I gave around 40, 000 business to the brick at kenaston.The difference in covers was only $10 and to save those $10, brick employees harrassed me. 
It is clear that neither me, nor my friends or family members are going to brick now. All my friends and family members give around $20000 business every year to you guys but not even a single person helped me, they were not polite at all. Their faces were like they wanted to kick us out from the store. Instead of apologizing, they said it was our fault that we didn't look at the bill during the purchase.
Now where is bricks customer service.

Their sales manager said this never happened in last 7 years so this can never happen. Which clearly meant that I was lying.
I gave the mattress cover back to guys and asked them to keep that. 
Now i don't want any resolution from brick but non of my family members and friends are going to brick now.

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