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They don't give refunds, even on their mistakes.

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Posted by Heather from Lake City, TN on December 5, 2016

We ordered a mattress to fit an older bed frame and gave the salesman the exact measurements. He ordered it and it was delivered, however they were unable to install it because it was too large. We showed the installers the measurements that we provided and they verified that it was just ordered incorrectly, and in fact they didn't carry a mattress that size. We said that was okay and that we would just like to return it. However, we were told that we would have to return it to the sales associate who sold it. He switched stores so we had to go there, which was further away. So we go there and are told we cannot receive a refund, on a $1300 mattress, but can only receive store credit. After much discussion and calling upper management we were told that we could return it, but they would not refund the delivery charge of $130. It was their mistake, but we still had to pay. Horrible customer service.

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    Official Response
    This is an inaccurate depiction of the transaction by a third party absent from the initial transaction. The details of the story being presented are not as depicted with the exception that the actual customer did indeed specify a special order detail which was ordered and delivered in her behalf. Her contract stated that special orders were "non-refundable". Notwithstanding, she did indeed specify the wrong size and The Bed Store allowed her out of her contract and refunded the customers money with holding only a small handling fee to cover incurred costs. Checking with the BBB, you will find an A+ rating for The Bed Store with not one ruling against us with over 140.000 customers. It should also be stated that the customer involved in this transaction is not the one to file any of the grievances.

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