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Customer service, lack of empathy, lack of flexibility, disingenuous
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Posted by Alex from Mississauga, ON on December 31, 2020

Like the hundreds of reviews below, I would SERIOUSLY urge anyone on the market for a mattress to eliminate Sleep Country out of the running for your purchase. I waited a month and a half for my mattress and had to pay extra rent during COVID because of their order mistake, lack of communication, ZERO empathy or customer service and inflexibility. The agents are no help, it’s as if each department operates in complete silo. This company is so large that no one cares what is going on in another department, they transfer you from one to the next, and each person’s response is “that’s not my problem, I can’t do anything for you”. PLEASE do not give them your money. They need some serious change in management/training. I have never dealt with a worse company and I am so sad I have to write so many negative things. To highlight their insensitivity, the first time I called customer service was a day before my scheduled delivery. I called at 9am, they told me my order was cancelled and could not tell me why. A ticket was logged and the agent said she would call me back in a few hours. At 7pm, after hearing nothing, I called back because I was moving out of my friends apartment and was delayed due to thus mattress not being in my new place. When I called back and said I was calling to check in on the status of my ticket that was placed this morning, the girl scoffed and said “well, it’s not end of day yet though, is it?”. I said no.... however I am in a sensitive situation and am calling to see if there’s been any progress? She cut me off and said “just give me your order number”. I stopped and said that I would appreciate some sensitivity and empathy towards me. She said “ok I don’t think this is going to work, I’m going to put you back in the queue”. I was so shocked that someone in customer service would speak that way to a customers paying thousands of dollars for their product...Anyway, my entire experience goes downhill from there. Thanks for reading.

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