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Where is the option for ZERO STARS? Online ordered a matt...

  • Selection: Good
  • Service: Very poor
Horrendous customer service.

Posted by Scott from Sidney, BC on September 16, 2020

Where is the option for ZERO STARS? Online ordered a mattress on Aug 31,2020. Security flagged the order and requested I call in to sort it out. I called the number and extension of the person who was handling the issue. I called and email and left several messages for someone to get back to me. A week ago I finally received an email stating that they would phone me within 2 days. After 5 business days with no call, I finally got a hold of a real person who after trying their very best to get me off the phone I was able to make some progress. After taking a bunch more info from me, I was assured that they would call me back that afternoon. To no ones surprise, they didn't. This morning I finally got through to a person after another hour on hold where I found a customer service agent who took my frustrations personally, said she was transferring me to their security department, then just transferred me to the same voicemail box I had already left several messages on.

I finally used the chat function on the website and had to type out all my concerns again . She informed me that the security department HAD JUST BEEN GIVEN MY FILE and to please wait while they helped me. Out of nowhere I got an email stating that my order had been cancelled and there was no way for me to try a different payment method at all. I wasted 2+ weeks of my time to just get told to basically kick rocks. I've never tried so hard to get someone to take my money. I gave them several chances beyond what they deserved and ended up with a slap in the face.

Myself, my extended family, my friends and even my kids will never darken your doorways again.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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