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Posted by Annie from Vancouver, BC on August 13, 2014

I purchased my first mattress/box spring set from the Sleep Country Broadway a few years back and the process was pretty much painless. I decided to recently purchase a second mattress set for my son, which ended up being a huge mistake.
We started at the Renfrew Sleep Country store looked at a few beds and received price quotes, but decided to shop around to compare stock and pricing. We ended up at another Sleep Country Kingsway at Metrotown. The sales guy "Sam" offered us a floor model "Serta Perfect Sleeper," which we thought was at a fairly decent price. The catch was the mattress set was damaged and would require two patches on the underside to fix. The sales associate assured us that it would be like new, against my better judgment I left a $90 deposit. I wanted to note; he did mention the deposit was refundable if we changed our mind.
We went back to see "Tony" whom we originally dealt with at the first sleep country and told him about the offer on the table at their Metrotown location. He said and I quote "I can do better and offer you a brand new bed instead of a damaged one for the same price.
This was a no-brainer decision and who wouldn't want the deal with exactly the same bed, (undamaged) at same value. Not sure if that was meant to be a trick question, but we took the deal. Only problem was going back to the other Sleep Country to ask for a refund. We needed to leave a deposit on our new transaction. They don't transfer over invoices even within their stores.
What a horrendous ordeal that turned out to be! Sam the sales guy we left our $90 deposit with, was not too happy and he showed it by calling the other store. He was angry that apparently Tony had scooped his sale and was offering us a new mattress set at the his price quote, and not damaged goods. Let's say he was angered enough to yell in Chinese at another sales associate. That was the start of Sleep Country's unprofessional mishandling of the situation.
Let me get this the customer not permitted to shop around for better product pricing and goods at different Sleep Country locations? Better still, I will not let any sales associate dictate my comparison shopping habits, nor tell me what I should/shouldn't do! Where is Christine Magee when you need her?
My son and I were livid at this point about the terrible customer service tactics between Sleep Country stores. I thought I might nix the whole idea of purchasing a bed from them altogether. Remember we could have given any mattress provider our business, but we chose them. Needless to say we got our deposit back reluctantly I might add, to put towards the brand new bed and stayed with the company.
In the interim, we decided to go to Sears Canada, because they were having a great sale promo to see what they could offer in way of beds. To be honest I was upset with the Sleep Country experience and lack of good honest customer service. We found exactly the same Perfect Sleeper $100 cheaper. According to Sleep Country Canada you have up to 90 days if you find the same mattress cheaper they will match that price and beat it by 5%. We were well within the time frame on our negotiations and just getting started.
Well, what do you think happened when I went back to the store armed with this new development. I was treated like a pariah by you guessed it "Tony" the same guy we went back to give our business to. At first, he did not want to honour the price adjustment as per Sleep Country's Policy or famous slogan they try so hard to promote to lure customers in.
What should have been an easy $100 credit to my debit card, turned into a major ordeal. Tony could not reimburse my card and said in his words "the cheque would be in the mail." Then he got up abruptly walked away from us without saying another word. He was completely rude, unprofessional, showed zero respect towards us as customers. Frankly, I wanted to go after him to ask why he was treating us so offensively un-business like.
So much for purchasing other items like pillows and a bed cover etc. I will never step foot in another Sleep Country, after the unacceptable customer service we received at both locations. Needless to say they will be getting a consumer plug, albeit a negative one. My recommendation is do not purchase a bed from any of their locations. Sleep Country offered up a horrendous buying experience, inept/rude staff, and underhanded sales tactics.
They do not stand behind their promotional campaigns and make the whole bed buying process consumer unfriendly. It has crossed my mind to return the mattress set to Sleep Country and purchase elsewhere, but who needs the aggravation or grief. Do yourself a big favour and shop around at other competitors, Sleep Country is not the only mattress company cornering the market. If you feel you are being treated unfairly/unscrupulously, take your business and run.

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    Had very similar experience.

    By: Anonymous on November 30, 2020

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