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Will not be a customer of Sleep Country again.

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Posted by Tracy G from Toronto, ON on January 22, 2014

The issue I have is not with a particular store at all but rather, with Sleep Country policies. I respect the policies of retailers but believe there to be exceptions to the rule in extraordinary circumstances.
Sleep Country bombards the customer with their ‘goals’ and ‘passions’ about helping you find the best sleep through their ‘sleep experts’ in each and every store, but this only seems true if you fall within the guidelines of their policies. Once your mattress is picked up or delivered there is no refund at all and although, they offer a ‘comfort exchange’ if the mattress you purchase is not right, you are only entitled to 1 exchange. So, if the second mattress is still not right, well, you’re out of luck.
As someone who suffers from back issues I had hoped Sleep Country could help me find the mattress I need for the best sleep possible.
I don’t understand how Sleep Country can claim to be so passionate about helping its customers find the best sleep possible and yet, in the end they aren’t if you fall outside the policy rules, even with extenuating circumstances.
I also did not appreciate the attitude of the customer service agents I spoke with and I still have not received the call from a manager I was promised.
I have purchased multiple mattresses from Sleep Country in the past (for myself and family) and it was my first choice when I needed a new mattress. It seems that I was lucky enough find the right mattresses the first time in those instances and never had to think about what would happen if I didn’t find the right mattress and found myself outside the confines of the policy rules. Now I know.

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