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Dishonest Sales Policy

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
None. I would say product, but you can find the same at other stores.
Dishonest sales policy, no customer support, they don't care once they have your money.
Customer Service
Issue Resolution
Sales Pressure

Posted by Ray H from Winnipeg, MB on September 23, 2011

We purchased 2 memory foam pillows, memory foam mattress, box spring, and mattress protector. Sales person convinced us to buy the pillows, claiming that down pillows were a health concern. She then suggested that we wait to have the pillows delivered with the rest of the items, as the mattress would take ~10 to arrive. So we went along with that. Delivery day arrived, and only one pillow. We had discarded the old pillows that morning, in anticipation of the new ones being delivered (this had been confirmed 3 days prior). Upon calling, we get informed that the one pillow had been back-ordered for weeks, and we could not get a confirmation on an exact arrival date. Customer service at the store and by telephone was borderline ignorant. We were also informed that our sales person was well aware of delivery issues, and had been informed the day before that she needed to call us. Nobody did. So first night with the new mattress, and we're a pillow short. They wouldn't even simply buy one from their competitor next door and deliver it to us in order to make things right. The reality is that the salesperson KNEW that they didn't have the pillow, and made the sale anyway without informing us, just to get the extra commission. And the company seems to support this type of policy, as they will not do what needs to be done to make it right. Thsi is a very dishonest company, and one HAS to wonder what else they are dishonest about. We are advising everyone we know NOT to deal with them.

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