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Online shopping at must be the worst that I’ve expe

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
The product is misrepresented (they lie about what it is) Billing ( they cheat)
Customer Service
Return Policy

Posted by Vadim from North York, ON on November 16, 2016

Long story short; I bought 2 sleep sets online at Both sets qualified for free delivery. First set went on sale right after I bought it. Sears failed to refund me the difference. I was charged a delivery fee for the second item. It appeared on the order summary AFTER I completed my purchase. Before I completed the transaction, the delivery fee was zero.
I spoke with 4 Sears customer service agents during one month period. At first I was told nothing can be done until I receive the items and the delivery charge is just a computer glitch. Then I was told that I must receive the credit card statement before anything can be done. After I had all of the above, I was told that I was supposed to pay the shipping fee. The agent did not even talk about the price adjustment for the first set.
The sets came in poor condition. One was dusty and had a dirt spot and a little hole. The second also had a little hole on a side. The producer of mattresses was not identified on the labels. According to the shipment note, they were shipped from King Koil.
I posted a review on the Sears website reflecting the QUALITY of the items. The review stayed there for a few days and was removed. Now one can find there just one review that gives this sets 5 stars.
In addition, Sears failed to provide anything that can be used as receipts for warranty and returns.

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