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the quality of Simmons mattress in Sears is the worst ever

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Posted by Bo Y from Atlanta, GA on September 20, 2013

We spent almost $1200 on purchasing a King-set of mattress (Simmons) 6 months ago. At the beginning, this mattress looks fine. After 6 months, it started to show a little hump in the middle of the matress. Now, the hump is so high that we couldn't sleep well on it. We contacted the customer services department and they transferred our call to warranty department. Finally, they refused to repair or replace our mattress saying the hump is not "big" enough. What a joke?! When we purchased the mattress, the sales woman never mentioned the warranty clauses to us. So, don't trust them. When the problem occurs, all the departments in sears just shift their responsiblilities to others. We found we were cheated by them. We won't buy anything from them in future. Be aware of them, folks!

By the way, the quality of Simmons mattress is bad. Choose a better brand when you want to buy a mattress.

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    Most quilted mattresses will tend to show where you sleep. If you never use the center portion of the mattress, the problem is the rest of the bed is broken in and the center is brand new. With out using the center portion, there may not be a brand that will be a solution. Memory foam & latex mattresses with flat tops will not "show" where you sleep but then you will still experience a firmer middle portion of the mattress. If you have a king size, rotate it a quarter turn to fix this issue. If you have a queen, You'll have to break the center in.

    By: Andrew Schlesser of Myrtle Beach, SC on October 17, 2013

    Hi Andrew: looks like you are professional! Could you tell me what do u exactly mean by saying 'rotate it a quarter turn "? How to do that? Also, the hump is not right in the center. It's in about 1/3 of the mattress on the right side. The inspector said the springs may came out which causes the hump. Any ideas? Thx!

    By: Bo Y of Atlanta, GA on October 17, 2013

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