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You should not spend your hard earned money at this store.

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Posted by Kelly from Red Wing, MN on August 10, 2020

If I could give this place a ZERO stars I would! DO NOT WASTE your money or time going to this store. I purchased 2 beds, not 1 but 2, to the tune of $4861.94 on 7/20/20. Today is 8/10, I had not heard from the owner of the store, so I called to inquire as to when the beds would be delivered. I was met with he has no control of the industry delays and that all his customers are feeling the same pain. Not a good enough answer. He then advised me that I could call the manufacturer and complain, I explained that I procured the items from HIM and that I would not do that. Bret, or Brent (owner) then called me back 2 hours later to advise that the manufacturer would be robbing Peter to pay Paul to fulfill my order. But yet wouldn't commit to a delivery date. I advised OK, however that I was still not happy with the fact that we are looking at nearly a month to receive the product and I wouldn't be back to his business again. He then proceeded to advise me , that if I chose to talk to him that way, he wasn't going to listen and would hang up. Which he did. I only voiced that I was displeased with his false advertising of product and no commitment after I spent nearly $5000. 00 in his store and still have NOTHING to show for it. I called back again, and his wife answered. I advised to CANCEL the order and I wanted my money back. She proceeded to scream at me that THEY WOULD NOT CANCEL THE ORDER, IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PLACED...........She also hung up on me. Note I did not swear at either one of these individuals, I simply lodged my disgust for their false statements and advertising and lack of customer service. You try to support local stores, and this is what happens. Next step is the Better Business Bureau, then court.

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    Official Response
    Fake review! The customer is receiving her goods when promised. She also received free mattress protectors for waiting. The industry is being hit hard and orders are now 4-6 weeks out. She was told 3 weeks from our order date, she will receive them this week which is 3 weeks.

    We appreciate all of our customers but we will not tolerate belligerent behavior towards us, especially when there is no reason. Unfortunately, some people will not be happy no matter what you do for them, and will spread false information to make themselves look good for their poor behavior.

    The BBB has already dismissed this because we have proven it is false. We go out of our way to make our customers happy (30 years) and will continue to do so!

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