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Labels aren't necessarily true

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Posted by Fred H from New York, NY on September 16, 2016

I had the choice between a medium and a firm. After trying both for quite some time, I bought the medium. The medium I brought home was too soft, not at all like the medium in the store. I wanted to exchange the mattress for the firm, but Nest Bedding said I had to wait 30 days. I couldn't sleep on the medium for one more night, let alone 30 days. After threatening them with a bad review they finally agreed to pick up the mattress and refund me. Not customer friendly!

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    Official Response
    Every mattress company requires you to try a bed, it's called an adjustment period. It's in the policy you agreed to when you purchased. Yes, you threatened us, so we gave in, despite you agreeing to the terms of the sale. Most people understand that when you get a new bed, there can be some aches and pains as your body goes from an old bed to a new bed. And labels are true. You didn't like the feel. Most people simply exchange it after the trial period.

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