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  • Selection: Very poor
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they have a door.....
they lie, scam, and prey on wallets no comfort garuntee
Sales Pressure

Posted by Jess P from Colfax, NC on August 5, 2011

Do not buy a mattress here! they do not have a comfort guarantee so they don't care if you like it when you get it home. They will give you plenty of lies and scams! There lies about mattress laws were confirmed by Sealy themselves. Sealy was appalled to hear of there mattress sales practices. They will convince you to buy an $130 mattress pad because they say it is the only way to maintain your mattress warranty. I found out from sealy that this was also a lie. Now I am stuck with a terrible mattress and out of $1200 because they have NO concern for customer satisfaction. Save your money and frustration by not stepping foot in this store.

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    Official Response

    Jessica we are truly sorry you are not happy with your mattress purchase. As we told you before you made your mattress purchase; we do not offer a comfort warranty. You have exactly the same mattress you selected at our store. You even confirmed this with us by the mattress label and the manufacturer's inventory tag. As for the statements you say Sealy has made, they are false. Sealy has no record of you ever calling, nor would they act in the manner you say they have. No, you do not have to purchase a mattress pad to validate your warranty, but we highly recommend them to all of our customers. We feel this is offering them the best customer service available because when any customer gets a stain on their mattress it voids the warranty, no matter who the manufacturer is. At least with the mattress pad a stain is covered under their warranty for 10 years, the same number of years your mattress is warranted for. We know the pad warranties work. We have two employees that had their mattress replaced because of them having a stain on it. This is a choice each consumer must make for themselves. You say we did not even negotiate a small refund; we did, with your Mother-In-Law that made the purchase for you. She did receive a partial refund check. The person that makes the purchase is the one that receives a refund if one is due. The refund was greater than 10% of the purchase price and we did this as our way of saying we are sorry you are unhappy with your mattress and we wish there was more we could do for you. Once again we are truly sorry you are unhappy with your mattress purchase and if there was more we could have done to make you happy we would have done it.

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