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BIG RIP OFF Don't let them include ANYTHING in your purchase

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Posted by Jeannine from Dansville, NY on January 28, 2018

I went to Metro Mattress, Geneseo NY to buy a twin size mattress. Was looking to buy a Memory Foam one. Salesman starts showing me their most expensive twin mattress - $2,000! But I bought a much cheaper mattress at $700 & told it will be delivered the same wk. No it wasn't. 3 weeks later we got it. I come home to see the mattress on the floor & it looks awful. It's about 2" thick. It was at least 6 - 8" in the show room. Call the store man says that's unusual. Tells me to wait a couple more days. I call in 3 days. I'm told that's unusual again. He'll speak to the manager. Call again in 3 days. I tell them I want to speak to the mgr. Manager is MIA! They don't know where he is, he's disappeared. Call again in two days. Explain everything again cause apparently they don't know how to put notes in people's accounts. Oh - Call the corporate office & tell them you want to file a warranty report. No number found for the corporate office. Call back, he will file the warranty report. Call 2 days later...I speak to the manager who seems not to know anything that is going on with my account. So he says he will check into the warranty report - was never filed. He files it - calls me later that day - someone will come to check out the mattress. They come - mattress not as should be. Call again - am told yes corporate decided to exchange my bed with the same one OR give me $300 towards a different one. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE $700 I PAID. Oh that included a mattress pad & pillow. Which cost more than my mattress!! Yes. So why wasn't I told that the pad & pillow were not included free? He doesn't know what to say about it. I ask him if I had said I didn't want anything included in the bed I was buying, would I have paid $300 for it? He stutters around & has nothing to say again. Note to all - DO NOT have them include anything with your purchase. That way if you need to return it you'll get your full amount back and you can certainly buy a pad and pillow for much cheaper elsewhere! BEWARE of SCAM!!!

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    Official Response
    I am so sorry to hear about your most recent experience with Metro Mattress. Customer service is very important to Metro Mattress! I understand that you have selected a new mattress and it will be delivered on 2/1/18. Here's to many, many great night's sleep for your grandson!

    First of all who said anything about a grandson. I have no grandson. Second - you are a rip off. Did you read my comments? When I bought the mattress I was told Oh we're going to give you a free mattress pad and a pillow. No talk about the price we charge you includes an additional amount that is for the pad and pillow which will cost you more than the mattress. How about a response to that. When I got the mattress and saw there was no way my mattress pad nor the sheets I bought would fit this mattress. I called the store and said I wanted to return the pad and sheets (that had not even been put on the bed yet (NOR USED). I was told there was no way I could return either of them. I paid $700. I want a response to the price of the mattress - you guys say it's only $300. When I asked why I didn't get a credit of $700 I was told because the pad and pill were $400. Really??? More than the mattress! Why was I not given the chose of buy just the mattress for $300 or buying the mattress and pillow and pad for $700? Please respond

    By: Jeannine of Dansville, NY on January 30, 2018
    Official Response
    I did read your comments, and asked the store (who mentioned a grandson) to send me your invoice, so I could look further into your situation. The invoice clearly lists each item along with the price associated for those items, and was signed by you. I am sorry that you felt mislead. I reached out to our VP of Sales, and he will be contacting you today to see if he can help resolve your situation.

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