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Don't Go There Unless You Want Poor Customer Service

  • Service: Very poor
Customer Service

Posted by Kathleen from Scituate, MA on July 30, 2018

Don't deal with them! I received the most unprofessional treatment as a customer when I called today at 2:00 p.m. to check on the status of a 6-week old order. I was told that they could not tell me right then the status of the order (fine, I get that they might need to check) and they would "call back - but can't promise it will be today." I asked that they at least confirm that the order was put in 6 weeks ago as they had my $400.00 deposit. He said he could not do that as he didn't put the order in and would not even assure me that he would get back to me back to me by the end of the day with that information. How can they not even have that info easily accessible? No apologies or any understanding that this raised considerable concerns on my part, as they have had my $400.00 deposit for 6 weeks. Incredible. The person was exceedingly rude to me on the phone. Told me I would not dictate his "business practices" when I suggested that it was not acceptable that he have my money for 6 weeks and not even be able to confirm the order was put in by the end of the day. Business practices? Maybe he was just having a bad day, but sheesh won't be in business for much longer with that kind of practice.

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    This certainly does not sound like the same place I've been doing business with for over 20 years! I have bought many items from Mattress Warehouse over the years and they have been nothing but courteous and professional. I have always received the best of service from this family business. Perhaps it was your approach?

    By: Anonymous on June 11, 2019

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