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Do not buy from this store!!

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Posted by Elizabeth from Harrisburg, PA on March 28, 2018

The owner, Ms. Ruth, did not properly handle the sale for the bedroom suite, almost $2000 my daughter in law purchased on Feb. 27th. A bunch of stories on delays, broken promises on refunds, and yesterday the worst delivery experience ever!! The stuff was NOT even set up and that was paid for!! It was dumped in dining room! Holidays are here! She ignored the calls I and my daughter in law made and her "I don't know" or hang up routine. She rectifies nothing and does not care! They came in old mini van with mattress on top! The one guy was so nasty didn't want to take mattress anywhere! Had to be told take up with boss, don't disrespect about 4 times!! They did not do what was paid for and continuous lies!! Including failure to refund the $200 Ms.Ruth stated she would for previous. After what was done yesterday they don't deserve a dime!!

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    Official Response
    The bedroom set this customer purchased was delayed by Ashley furniture during the cold winter, The initial sale was a special order. It was explained in the beginning it would take 10 to 14 business days. Unfortunately the manufacture delivered the 10 piece order 1/2 of it was delivered in 2 weeks the other 2 weeks later, in total 30 days. To appease the customer and to keep goodwill we offered delivery and set up free, a total value of $120. The customer agreed. During the ordeal, there was a woman that was very rude through out this process.
    Once the furniture was delivered to the store our drivers, delivered the furniture to the customer home, the same woman berate them so bad they did not want to return. We had to send another set of delivery guys to assemble the furniture. We tried our best to give an affordable product at a good price. We refunded Ms. Alli delivery and set up fee on her credit card, kept all our promises and obligation with this customer satisfactory.

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