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Sleepless and Restless in Tyer, TX

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    Posted by Shannon R on October 9, 2014

    THE WORLDS WORST and SLEEPLESS/NIGHTMARE --- have been dealing with this issue since MAY 2014 until present OCT 2014 and still NOT resolved. Numerous attempts to allow Sales Rep "ERIC" to resolve issue to no avail...... still waiting on "MATTRESS" that I've been promised a replacement delivery since 3 wks ago, (arrangements were being made for delivery "today" per conversation). I've offered to p/ response and no phone call of status. MOST Concerning of all "NO COMMUNICATION" broken promises "I will call you"..... and YET, to have rec'd a RETURN call. Had to personally go to STORE.... several times to make contact (due to "their surprise" to again be made "broken" promises of a delivery date...... Needless to say, I've been paying the "bill" for the mattress since MAY faithfully.... ALL I WANT is "my mattress" I will NOT recommend or subject anyone to their "service, LIES, and POOR reflection of CUSTOMER Svc.. if this is their motto.... BEWARE and I suggest.... RUN.... GO elsewhere where you are treated with respect and dignity and NOT LIED to!

    Tired and restless in Tyler, TX

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