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Horrible experience

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Posted by Kim from Tyler, TX on February 20, 2017

Very upset with this company. The guy who delivered our bed had trouble getting a leg into the frame. When he left he said he fixed it and at the time we lived in an apartment with carpeted floors. Now that we have moved into a home with hard floors (with a warranty past due) we have noticed how much this guy did not fix his problem, in fact, he created a huge problem for us that we can not seem to fix nor will the company help us. The guy who delivered our bed stripped out our frame and damaged our leg. Every time we move the bed it collapses. I sent pictures to the company and went as high as the CEO. Everyone denied responsibility of this mess and the best they could do was send me a replacement leg that won't even go into the frame because the treading is completely damaged. They said they could not re-thread the frame but they offered to send me a new replacement frame IF I paid 1/10 of the original price plus $200 shipping and handling. This is poor customer service. Definitely a poor choice of ours to have shopped at this place.

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    Official Response
    I am the CEO and have never once heard from this customer. As for stripping out the frame how do we as a company know that you didn't do this when you were moving your product to you new house? If we believed what every customer has to say then our company wouldn't exist do to everyone wanting free things. You signed for delivery before and now you have a problem? This is a very grey area for us to take care of your product. Sorry you are having issues but I'm not sure how this is our companies fault?

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