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Unhelpful Manager, Terrible Customer Service!

  • Selection: Very poor
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  • Service: Very poor
None at all.
Overpriced, terrible customer service, no return policy posted.
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Posted by Cheryl S from Sykesville, MD on July 12, 2011

Bought a mattress 3 weeks ago for my two year old son and he's woken up with a sore back or neck every day since. He's only 2 so I'm sure he didn't just make it up that his neck and back hurt. Anyway, we asked if we could exchange up to a more expensive mattress and were met with an immediate "no" and that they didn't have a "comfort exchange" policy. I mistakenly thought that's what a mattress was all about...comfort. Apparently not. I was even met with a "Have a nice day" on the way out. Stay away from this store at all costs!

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    Official Response
    All clients are required to sign a sales slip that clearly lists all store policies related to the sale. Both "No Refunds on opened merchandise" & "No comfort exchanges" are listed in clear and normal size font. Unfortunately this client picked the wrong mattress and was not happy and this client sign the same terms and conditions like everyone else.

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