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Customer Service

Posted by Jane H from Atlanta, GA on October 20, 2012

Use this place if you want to waste your money and be mad. They'll send a smelly guy out with a yellow ruler with a slider (it's really Saturday Night live material if I wasn't so upset about wasting $3,000) who WILL find there there is nothing wrong with your bed even is you show him the mattress goes half way to the box spring when you lay on it. They don't test beds according to what they do when a person is on it. It's whether a plastic ruler could get a good sleep. I said I bet I could get a good sleep on that bed if I weighted the same thing as that ruler but at 170 pounds it's a different story. The smelly guy with the ruler doesn't actually tell you his finding, he asked to borrow my cell phone, hands it to me and says they'll discuss it with you and he's is out the door before I can get it to my ear (wonder why) .

  • Purchased in Oct 2011

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