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Posted by Chris from Los Angeles, CA on June 24, 2021

I can't think of a better buying experience than the one I had at iSleep/Natural Bed in Lincoln, NE. This mattress is custom-made, built in a local factory -- owned by residents of this city who have decades of experience making beds, using sleep research. They will work with you until you are happy. They can actually change the layers of latex in your mattress. You will never get that kind of service online or with commercial products. Go here and let them "fit" you with a mattress. Compare it to anything out there, in quality and price. Don't buy anything until do. You will be glad you gave them a try.

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    Official Response
    Great to hear your review. Ron & Chris are an excellent team and we love our customers. I trust you eel the same way in 20 years when your warranty is still 50%.
    Again thank you and if they aren't able to respond on a Saturday morning you are welcome to call my cell 864 630 4661 and I am on the East Coast.
    Larry Long

    I also got a "slab" pillow made out of two layers of latex. Mine is 4" thick and super soft. They will match yours to your own size. "Flat rectangle" is a great shape for a pillow. It supports my neck and keeps my spine aligned. My head sinks into it, but it doesn't puff up around my face and interfere with my nose. I love this new product. Ask them to make you one!

    By: Chris of Los Angeles, CA on August 31, 2021
    Official Response
    Thanks for the suggestion & thoughts on pillows. I just got a Purelux gel memory foam from Costco for $!8.95, two pack Queen which is doing a good job for me at the moment. If it doesn't work out I will try your idea.

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