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I blame myself for buying a mattress online. You complete...

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Posted by shoshana from Los Angeles, CA on September 27, 2017

I blame myself for buying a mattress online. You completely depend on the salesperson's knowledge. A mattress is as expensive as a refrigerator and you hope to have it for years. My problems started from the beginning . I started sinking in and blamed myself for buying a mattress with memory. The lady advised me to buy a 9 inch box spring and I did. Three months ago I fell down. After one year I fell I'm sleeping in a hole. A technician, Jay, came to my house and told me that my mattress is defective. He then called Macy and told them different things. I called Macy and I was told that the manufacturer doesn't deem my mattress defective because the sinking is no more than 1 inch and a half. I told them that nobody advised me so before buying the mattress and I'm now at a loss of money.

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