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I really should of went to another store, I'm so 😡

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Excellent
  • Service: Fair
The staff are very nice, I really think the scootor are too big for the store, I kept getting stuck
Nothing in stock but they want sell display

Posted by Cathy W from Jackson, MS on October 13, 2020

I made a full payment on my furniture so I can go and get the dinette table that I felled in luv with, but it wasn't in stock neither was the other 6 I looked at, they sent me to the other store and I was so out done so I settle for another 1 that I really didn't want, but I needed a table cause I've been without 1 for a long time, then it's not go be delivered until the 23rd of this month, anything better than nothing😡

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    Then again I can kind of understand that it is a pandemic going on and I'm being selfish, please forgive me, I've never experience this to ever happen at miskelly and plus I having a slight bad day, the staff are the best at trying to comfort the customers😇

    By: Cathy W of Jackson, MS on October 16, 2020
    Official Response
    We really appreciate you and are thankful to have you as our customer. Without you, we literally wouldn't be. So, we will put our arms around each other and do the best we can to support each other through pandemic. We will get through this thing.

    Yes we will in Jesus name, thanks miskellys

    By: Cathy W of Jackson, MS on October 16, 2020

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