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The worst online shopping experience I've ever had.

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Posted by Laura from Irmo, SC on July 23, 2020

I ordered a Ghostbed Flex Twin XL with the adjustable base. The reason I ordered from Ghostbed was because they're supposed to ship within 24 hours of ordering. I had foot surgery on July 3, and wanted the bed delivered before July 3. I ordered it on June 18, and finally received the mattress but the base won't arrive until July 3. Their website states that they ship within 24 hours of ordering and they will send a shipping notice with a tracking number. They didn't ship it until June 25, a week after I ordered. In the interim, I tried to get in touch with customer service, but they would not respond except with auto responses that directed email or phone inquiries not to leave multiple messages, that they were experiencing high call volume and delays, but no way to find out about my order. I called the customer service number, used the chat function on their website, and emailed customer service and received no help at all. Finally, I went to Ghostbed's Facebook page and wrote of my experience in a post. Then I used FB Messenger to chat with Ghostbed. They tried to foist off the same excuses, but I persisted and finally, they asked for my order number, then told me my phone number was invalid, which it was not. So, a Director called me and assured me I would receive my whole order before July 3. The shipping notice stated it would arrive ON July 3 - unacceptable. I need the bed for recovery after surgery. So I cancelled. This process is ven more tortuous, because Ghostbed has to inform Affirm that the order was cancelled, and Ghostbed is dragging their feet.

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    Update to my review: When you make a purchase from Ghostbed you get a complementary Shopping Guarantee from Norton's. After getting no action on a refund from Ghostbed, I utilized the Shopping Guarantee and opened a dispute with Norton's. This took a few days and three visits to the Norton's link and at first it seemed as if my responses were sent into the ether and ignored. Norton's did contact Ghostbed, although it wasn't apparent to me. I contacted Affirm again and the customer service rep was very helpful and also opened a dispute against Ghostbed. He assured me not to worry about the payments, but the process might take another 15 days. It didn't. On July 28, Affirm emailed me to say my refund had been processed. I am pleased with the outcome, but I won't buy from Ghostbed. I went to a local furniture store, bought a twin XL bed with an adjustable base and it was delivered the following day. The cost was comparable within a few dollars.

    By: Laura of Irmo, SC on July 31, 2020
    Official Response
    Hi Laura - We are sorry that you did not have a great customer experience. This is noted and we will work to improve in that area. We did do as best as we could under these stressful times to expedite your order (as the adjustable base was on backordered a bit), which we did. Looking at notes on your order, it does look like we pushed your order up, but when it arrived you unfortunately didn't want it anymore. We are now caught up and everything is expedited and shipped within 24-hours of someone placing an order. It does look like you received a full refund now. Once again, sorry for your experience and we are a small business, so we do strive to make things right for our customers.

    Marc Werner, If a customer service rep had responded to me with honesty and in a timely manner, I wouldn't have been so upset by my experience. If someone had said, "We can't honor our policy of shipping within 24 hours, and we may not be able to ensure your purchase will arrive before the needed date," I could have made a decision sooner not to order from Ghostbed. There should be a disclaimer easily visible on the website and not just an avoidance of communication and continued disingenuousness. Don't promise shipping within 24 hours of ordering and great customer service if it doesn't exist. I tried to get in touch with you personally, but that is impossible. When I did get in touch with someone, they still failed to be honest, and promised the bed would be delivered BEFORE July 3. I made it very clear that I needed the bed before then and when it became clear you would not or could not do that, I had no choice but to cancel At this moment, I am still in bed recovering from surgery, in the bed I had to buy to replace the Ghostbed I canceled. Yes, the refund finally came though. You didn't drag your feet taking the money, but you sure did on the refund. You also proved that if I thought contacting customer service was tough before, you could make it even tougher. In the end, all I can say is, "Thank you for showing me who not to do business with."

    By: Laura of Irmo, SC on August 3, 2020

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