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Posted by Jen from Lake Orion, MI on April 7, 2022

I bought a mattress on clearance because otherwise I was spending $3000 on a new mattress and frame. Anyways, I bought it for $1298 and the salesman gave me a $100 off and said I could pick it up and drop off my old. It was a floor model with a marker line on it, didn't notice anything else wrong with it. I came with my old matress on my trailer and all the girls behind the desk were giving me a hard time about taking the old and I argued with them that my sales guy said to bring the old. Then finally the salesman talked to them and they took it. What a hassle! But then I waited an hour for the guys to wrap mine in plastic even though I bought it a day earlier and they knew I was coming. So finally I get it home and as soon as I take off the plasitic there was a HUGE RIP in the seam where the handle was on one side and a little rip on the other side. I slept on it and hated it and they said I couldn't return it, all final sales. So now I am stuck with a ripped mattress that I hate and a bill for $1200! (I saw the same mattress online for $900 )I called and asked for a manager who they said was busy and would call me back the next day, but they didn't. So I called again and talked to a supervisor about the rip and she said they could maybe send someone out to sow it for me but that was 2 days ago and she never called me back. I feel jipped!

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    Official Response
    Our service team actually might be able to help! Please reach out direct to the Customer Care team at ce@gardner-white(dot)com and they can get on that. I'm very sorry that it feels like you fell through the cracks. That is not our intention at all.

    Side note, and I'm hesitant to bring this up when you are already upset, but I think you are unintentionally using some racist language that you don't know is racist. "Jipped" or "gypped" is a derogatory term referring to the Romani people. I think "ripped-off" might have been a better turn of phrase to use there. And I'm very sorry that you have been made to feel that way. Again, please reach out to our Customer Care team and we can look into it for you.

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