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Great until the delivery.

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Posted by Amber from Remsen, NY on September 14, 2019

I must say that I am disappointed that I have to post a low review I was extremely hopeful by saying all of the good reviews and some badd reviews but were updated and turned into good maybe that will happen to me? I'm not sure...
Went inon Thursday September 12
Went in and spoke to John the sales associate.
I explained the ham we needed our old mattress gone because it was sagging it was not very good we got it from the Carolina bedding place in Rome ... was only 2 years old and they didnt cover any warranties. I told him that are matters got slime on the bed from our son.
He laughed and said yeah I would be getting a new mattress to I asked him if they took away the old mattresses and if I could make it easier on the delivery man and simply toss my mattresses outside slay can take them he said that wouldn't be a problem at all they do take your old mattress away and box springs.
Found a great mattress and was finally sold the next day we did have a few issues getting the text messages to go through apparently it was nothing to do with them it was just the leasing company but they were great at handling the issue John was not and so had to speak with Paul. While the delivery guys came and left I was in a rush to leave with a friend of mine so I did not realize they did not pick up the mattress and Box Spring I called and told Paul he was quite shocked he called and asked the delivery guys why they did not pick it up. they told him it was absolutely covered in mud and disgusting! they would not touch I have pictures to prove it is in no way shape or form absolutely covered in mud! ridiculous! I explained to Paul that that is interesting because my Yard has no mud and that my Box Springs work still covered in the plastic so if there was a speck of dirt all they had to do was remove the plastic. When we were getting in the middle of this and it was starting to turn into an argument Paul really wasn't sympathetic or apologetic he just said well it is what it is and told me that I would just have to

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