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Posted by Nancy from Tavistock, ON on January 8, 2022

Bought a mattress a couple years ago from a sales person who lied about the quality. Been over a year of crappy sleep trying to get warranty replacement. The very expensive mattress we bought is junk and the run around trying to get any assistance had been angering to say the least. The process of trying to file a warranty claim is beyond ridiculous and complicated, and is designed to make the customer give up in frustration. Try to get anyone at the Brick to address your issue, yeah.. its next to impossible! Fast forward to just 2 weeks ago we went fridge shopping and decided to check the Brick out. No one even approached to ask if we needed assistance. Walked around the store and walked out without anyone even greeting us. Will not shop at 'The Dick' anymore.
Go to Teppermans instead where the customer service is great. They will have our business.from now on.

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