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Our salesman, Jeremiah, was knowledgeable about his stock...

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  • Expertise: Good
The young salesman was excellent at his job. He was extremely knowledgeable, just professional enou

Posted by Dawn from Chandler, TX on September 13, 2020

Our salesman, Jeremiah, was knowledgeable about his stock, describing the finer points about each mattress we tried or asked about. He even gave us information about the Purple Pillow, which we ended up buying from him. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the advertised Purple Pillows with the attachments that normally come with them. We would have bought a standard Purple King size bed from him also, but you no longer sell them! Boo! Inconvenient for us & you!

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    Official Response
    Thank you for the kind review. We are glad Jeremiah did such a great job. We apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced not being able to purchase the mattress you wanted. Hopefully that mattress will be available again soon and we will be happy to take care of you then. Have a wonderful day.

    Ethan, good sales people like Jeremiah are 1 in a million. He was attentive w/o being pushy, friendly w/o fawning & knew his stuff, especially what customer service is all about. You will do yourself well by helping to make his work experience positive yet challenging enough to peak his interest. Got a good one there!

    By: Dawn of Chandler, TX on September 14, 2020

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