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Posted by Duchess & from Santa Fe, NM on August 8, 2021

My husband and I made an agreement we would tryout the bed(s) before looking at prices so that we knew what our bodies responded to and not just our budget. We also agreed to shop at a few places before making a decision. We were very impressed with Andrew and was a key reason we returned to make our purchase from Denver Mattress. It was great to work with him on our needs and we loved using the SRT test to confirm which bed we would buy. We got to meet two of the other sales reps when we went back to the store to seal the deal and everyone there is really friendly. There were other 'sales' options at other stores that would have saved some bucks but the service, the warranties, etc. made the choice for us. The bed has yet to be delivered but I feel confident that process will be just as professional and successful.

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    Official Response
    Thank you so much for your detailed review. It is always so nice to see that our staff cares about the clients. We always encourage educating the customers so they can make the right decision for their needs. Enjoy your new mattress when you receive it! We will let Andrew know great job!

    Wellllll, may need to amend our glowing review. We had requested delivery for Thursday, August 12 and was told that we would be called the day before to give a specific time. By late afternoon, I called the store to find out what time delivery would arrive. I was told that according to the computer the delivery was supposed to be today, Wednesday, August 11 but it was not showing up on the dispatch log. This seemed to baffle him and he could not explain why the delivery appointment was showing up in one place but not in the other. He said the one bed was not scheduled for delivery tomorrow Thursday, August 12 and therefore could not be delivered again until next Wednesday or Thursday. I thought I better inquire about the second bed we ordered as we had not been given an approximate arrival date and Matt said the Casper bed might be arriving to the store tomorrow and could possibly be delivered the same day as the Sealy bed. Matt apologized and asked me to call him tomorrow late afternoon to see if the Caspar was in the new arrival & could be scheduled. We’re very disappointed we didn’t get the first bed as scheduled as we made Specific plans to accommodate the delivery. Feeling uncertain about the status of our order.

    By: Duchess & of Santa Fe, NM on August 11, 2021
    Official Response
    After speaking to the Regional Sales Manager it sounds like a solution has been discussed with you that will make everything right. So sorry for the technical glitch but I’m happy we were able to make things right and get you your product as promised.

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