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We recently bought a top line mattress & an easy tilt bed...

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor

Posted by Roger from Normal, IL on October 10, 2020

We recently bought a top line mattress & an easy tilt bed frame from these people. We told Alex that under no circumstances did we want anything off the floor and were guaranteed that would not happen. He said all would be packaged and the easy tilt would be folded and in a box. We were told the easy tilt bed frame would in be delivered soon after it arrived in about 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I called to ask if it was in yet. Mike a person I never met informed me it would be another 3 to 4 weeks before the frame would be in stock. I was informed by Mike he would call to find out if the frame could be found at another Denver mattress store close by. He called me a short time later and informed me of how lucky we were as they had found a new unit at another location and it would be delivered to us in 4 days. We were very excited. We have a very difficult stare way to get big items up and informed Alex of this and that we are very picking when it comes to our newer home. He assured us that this would not be a problem. The delivery day came we were happy. As the delivery people came in the door lugging this big long item we knew something was wrong. We told them at time the item did not look new and was suppose to come folded. They told us the store told them the UNIT WAS A NEW UNIT but the box was torn up in shipping. They tried not to but did damage the wall with it. While they were putting everything together I noticed the unit surface was very dirty. Again we told them we did not think it was New. A second time they informed us the store assured the unit was new. After assembly they plugged it into the wall unit it would not work at all and the battery cover kept falling off the remote because it been used so much. I felt we had just be had. Finally the store admitted the unit was not new. About two weeks later we got the new folded unit. I feel like someone tried a fast one on us. Talked to Matt the manager and he was very obnoxious. He acted like it was no deal. They will never see us again!!!!

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    Official Response
    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. This information has been passed on to the Regional Manager and if you have not already received a call you will. Thank you for the review and we will do what we can do make things better.

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