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Alway try out the bed first

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Posted by Nancy from El Paso, TX on November 30, 2021

I first went in Denver Mattress to try out the Casper bed before I bought it online. It was not the bed for me and I'm glad I tried it out. Their firm mattress is a medium at most. I love firm beds and my family owns firm Tempur-pedic beds. I knew then that a Tempur-pedic was for me, but I wasn't sure which one. Luckily, Joshua helped me pick one out! Donysio also helped me picking my perfect pillow.

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    Official Response
    We are happy that Joshua and Donysio did such a great job for you. We always recommend that you try your bed before you buy. So happy you didn't cost yourself a lot of time and effort before you came in. Sleep tight!

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