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Posted by Monica from Denver, CO on June 13, 2020

When they delivered the mattress, they didn't want to bring it into our house. They just want to leave it outside our house. What is that about?

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    Official Response
    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Without knowing your full name and invoice number it may be hard to respond but I will do my best. We offer two types of deliveries 1) Free store to door delivery which is free and does not include set up or hall away services it is just as the name implies which is store to door 2) We also offer "white glove" delivery which includes delivery, setup and hall away of a used mattress. This delivery requires a fee that fluctuates depending on location and product being delivered. I would recommend looking at your invoice and if you paid a fee for delivery then please contact the manager at the store you purchased from and i'm sure they will be happy to help you. On another note depending on the date you had the your product delivered we may have been restricted by local or state law from entering your home due to Covid 19 restrictions. However once again if you paid for "white glove" delivery please contact the store manager to discuss a solution. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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