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I had decided on a Doctor's Choice mattress because of th...

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Posted by Melissa from Austin, TX on October 13, 2021

I had decided on a Doctor's Choice mattress because of the construction : alternating direction coils , extra center support , firm foam at edges & polyurethane instead of memory foam which is hot & cloying . The 3 beds in soft w eurotop, Plush medium, & firm are all displayed.
Hivo said that the medium plush is highly rated in Consumer Reports. I found it to be a very comfortable bed, soft on top but coils giving good support. Many friends l knew who had bought into the advertising of Temperpedic found they needed a chiropractor & had thrown money away. The price point of Doctor's Choice is $1k for a king, has a full 3 month warranty & partial up through a year. Free delivery at door. $39 upstairs.
The salesperson was helpful... not at all pushy like big name stores that ask for personal information while you are testing out the bed . I would highly recommend Denver Mattress & Hivo as its' representative.

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    Official Response
    We are happy that Jairo did such a great job for you. Even better news, you have four months to return or exchange with one hundred percent credit. The Warranty is actually for ten years. See the warranty card attached to your new mattress for details. We hope you love your new mattress!

    Yes ! Sorry to misspell his name . And good to clarify the warranty info.

    By: Melissa of Austin, TX on October 18, 2021

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