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Posted by Darrell K from Redmond, OR on August 11, 2013

We bought a $2400 bed from the redmond store about one year ago and two months after sleeping on it, one side seems to be failing, noticeable indention.Contacted the store and the so called district manager first called me and said that nothing could be done about it,then the wife called him and he told her he would come and check it out. He checked the bed out and said yes there seemed to be a problem with the bed ,he stated he would make a call and let us know well that was about six months ago and no response. The wife has tried several times to get some kind of answer with no luck,we went to the store yesterday and asked for a phone number to the main office and was told by the salesman that he would lose his job if he give us the phone number(nice customer service) So like the title says BUYER BEWARE!

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    Official Response

    This is disappointing to hear that you did not receive the level of service we expect from our customer service team. I have no excuses for the way we handled your claim and I want to thank you for sharing your situation as it has been a learning experience for us. I assure you we have taken the necessary steps so that this does not happen again. I would like to follow up with you and make sure that we get your warranty claim taken care of. If you could kindly call our customer service line at 503-546-3300 our corporate team is here to facilitate a speedy resolution.

    Thank you,
    Elana Stone

    We already talked to some one from your office, his only soultion was to sell us a more expensive bed.He said that he can't do any thing else because he feels it is a customer issue with comfort. We tried to explain that it seems to be issue with the bed not returning to its shape. I only sleep about 6 hours a night and when i go to bed there is already a indent in the bed.So i guess what i am saying is you guys have done about all you are willing to do so like i said before BUYER BEWARE and no i will never recommend your stores to any one.

    By: Darrell K of Redmond, OR on September 3, 2013

    This store is horrible--horribly rude employees, terrible customer service, NOT the PLACE to buy.
    Steer clear of this location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Anonymous on July 14, 2016

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