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Posted by Gia B from Wantagh, NY on January 7, 2014

POOR-Non existent customer service/satisfaction after purchase. Comfort Guarantee is a farce! Actually changed the wording of the Guarantee listed on their website after giving me a hard time exchanging mattress set purchased. Guarantee said I would be credited price of set purchased to be used for purchase of any other set of equal or greater value. Customer would be responsible for *Difference in price. When asked to exchange they insisted I would have to pay for another set in full, then when they received old mattress back and deemed it re-sellable? then they would issue possible credit. Never returned phone calls, dragged process on for 3 1/2 months. Tried to refuse to honor exact guarantee until I said I was reporting to Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs. Then they changed wording of guarantee on their website! So I pointed out I downloaded copies of it, which I would send with my complaint. So they doubled the price of freight for return! Prior to purchase I specifically asked if I wanted to exchange set what would cost be? The representative(who is the one and only person you will speak to day and night when call the on-line listed #)- confirmed and quoted us $200 for freight for an exchange/return Then doubled the price to $400 when pressed to actually complete exchange process. Horribly disappointing experience.

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    Official Response
    What Gia is not saying is that she wanted a different size mattress and decided she could use a comfort exchange for the size, not comfort and she expected the company to assume a loss because of that. She was welcome to exchange under the terms of the comfort exchange but not because she decided after the sale to get a different size mattress. There is no guaranty for that anywhere on the web site.

    Total farce, waited from Sept 25th to January 14th before they finally "approved" a comfort exchange at a freight cost of $400 , double the original $200 quoted at time of purchase. "Credit of bed to be used towards any purchase of equal or greater value" we had to buy another bed while waiting 4 months for company to honor their own words, original bed was terrible and left our arms and shoulders numb and back pain. Wanted to then purchase another size for another room which was Actually more money than original bed. They have since altered the wording on their comfort guarantee. Company customer service is a sad joke.

    By: Gia B of Vancouver, WA on January 24, 2014
    Official Response
    What Gia is not saying again that she wanted to save the freight charge and said she would bring the mattress and make the exchange. She is also not saying she did not have the money to make the exchange either.

    Good God who are you kidding, I bought a $4,000 tempur-pedic to replace the crap bed I got from you, forgive me for not wanting to blow another $400 in freight costs to make an exchange. Threw it in the spare room.

    By: Gia B of Vancouver, WA on January 24, 2014

    Will be happy to post pictures of both beds for anyone who would like them

    By: Gia B of Vancouver, WA on January 24, 2014

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