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Beyond terrible customer service!!

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Posted by Rae from Manitowoc, WI on January 14, 2021

I purchased a sofa online in July 2020, it was finally delivered mid November. Low and behold it was damaged, a tear in the back of the arm and upon further inspection several sections of material were not even secured under the frame. I immediately took pictures and made phone calls. So now I am transferred to the "so call" service people to have a technician come and look at it. Umm no, I ordered a new sofa and I want a new sofa. Not happening, so a technician comes, and says, oh I can fix that no problem, we just need to order a new arm. Ya sure, so here we are Jan. 13th 2021, still no new arm, no contact from them on progress. So I sent an email this morning explaining my situation again and looking for an update. The response was "sorry Ashley is not good at getting back to us with updates for shipments". REALLY!! This is the answer, I again addressed the fact that I am done dealing with this and want a new piece of furniture, no response from them!! Absolutely inexcusable!! Never again!!

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