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Extended 5 yr Warranty Rip Off!

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Issue Resolution

Posted by IO from Port Reading, NJ on May 7, 2019

DO NOT PURCHASE A WARRANTY AT THE LINDEN NJ STORE! They have an ‘F’ rating with the Better Business Bureau!
I went into Ashley furniture store several times before the expiration date on my extended warranty dated 7/13/2013 to redeem it. Each time I was met with a deterrent, they could not contact the warranty company, the manager was out, the computers were down etc .I had no reason to disbelieve because I had purchased furniture before and was able to use my warranty in the past!
This time the company was under new management and I was denied by the office manager Theresa who was very unprofessional. She barely glanced at the paperwork, was dismissive and offered NO opportunity for resolution. She made several blind nonchalant attempts at denying my refund, but each attempt was refuted with the original paperwork on hand. So, realizing what I was dealing with, I took the matter to Better Business Bureau-the response given to the bureau by Ashley Furniture Store was they had no idea of what I was talking about because they were under new management and my paperwork was lost. The company felt this was a suitable answer to give a consumer!
I feel that I need to make a complaint because this scam can be happening to other people! The matter needs to come to light at this location- 1741 West Edgar Rd in Linden NJ 07036. Warranty rip off!

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