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Horrible quality - Simmons

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Posted by Sivan R from Ocoee, FL on April 18, 2013

We purchased a Simmons mattress from Ashley Furniture in November 2012. Within a month, we started to realize we were sinking into our sides because it was caving in. We finally decided we needed to contact Ashley Furniture about it. In March 2013, we got a replacement mattress (same brand, because they claimed it was just a faulty mattress). Within one month, it started caving in just as the first one did. I chose that mattress because it felt great to lie on when we selected it, and I am waking up in pain every day from it now because my body is sinking into the mattress. Simmons offers a horrible quality mattress, and it's unfortunate that Ashley Furniture sells that brand. I was amazed (and not in a good way) when the guys who came the measure how deep the mattress was sinking in, and before he even saw the mattress, he said "I bet this is Simmons." That is never a good sign coming from someone who deals with mattresses for a living.

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