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Terrible Customers Service and Misleading Product

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Customer Service

Posted by Lauren C from Fairport, NY on February 24, 2014

I shopped allover and decided to buy my mattress as Ashley, based upon the comfort level of the mattress that I chose in their showroom. The salesman was very friendly and made my family feel at ease with making a large purchase of a king sized, expensive mattress. When the mattress was delivered, we noticed immediately that the mattress was NOT the same as the one that was tested in the showroom. The one that was delivered to me was so much harder, to the point that we could not sleep on the bed. I have been in agony with back pain, worse than I have ever felt in my life. I called customer service several times and was told that I needed to break in the mattress and that it would take time to feel better. I said that was never disclosed to me and that I am 5 months pregnant. I purchased a new mattress because I liked how the one in the showroom felt and the mattress in my bedroom felt nothing like the sample in the showroom. Had I known that I was supposed to break in a mattress for a minimum of several months before it was comfortable I would have kept my old mattress! I was told that I should have known better, that all mattresses need to be broken in and that it was common sense. I was told that I did not buy a comfort guarantee and when I tried to explain that it was not a comfort issue, that it was an issue of not getting the bed that I tried at the store and it was a disclosure issue, I was ignored. They also told me that the mattress in the showroom was likely over a year old and that hundreds to thousands of people had broken in that bed. Why was this never disclosed? I asked this and the woman in customer service told me that if they put those thing into the contract that it would be pages and pages long. I called the salesman back in the store who to my face was so friendly and even on the phone said he would do everything he could to help me. He never called back, although he promised he would. I have been ignored and treated like garbage when I gave my money and trust in a store that could care less about customer service and follow through. I will never shop in this store again and recommend that others take my advice and do the same thing.

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