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Excellent sale horrible follow through

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Tina from Zeeland, MI on March 5, 2019

We went through their test to figure out the best mattress for us. After trying a few that the salesperson recommended we decided on this mattress. Even though it was listed as firm the salesperson assured us due to the pillow top it would feel like a medium mattress. After calling just days after purchase we were told we had to stay on it for 30 days to break it in. We explained that it was breaking us and for our health could not go the 30 days. We are talking back pain, sciatica, numb fingers things we didn't have prior. We went back to the store where that mattress had been removed from the selection and was being hidden with a comforter in a different location. Since it had been advertised as the latest and greatest the week before we inquired and were told by the manager that corporate dictated that it be moved from the main floor because of newer models. After calling corporate they said they do not tell them what mattresses to put on the mattress floor. Now our bodies hurt so bad we can't even figure out what mattress would feel good for our 1 additional switch. We still have two more weeks of sleeping on this horrible thing before we can make that switch. Of course we had them haul away our old mattress which I really regret. I would have preferred that they made it right from the beginning. Not far to make us sleep in pain when they advertise a good night sleep.

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