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didn't back up their products

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Posted by Roberta P from Rochester, MI on May 2, 2013

I tried every bed in the store and I bought the bed I wanted,,,from the very first night and there after; The Kluft the most expensive bed they had in the store; was the best bed I ever slept on..It was worth every penny....However shortly after delivery I noticed some holes in the fabric of the mattress,,, I thought they would just sent someone to fix the holes I WISH THEY HAD.... because the bed they replaced it with was defective,,it started sagging after 5 days of sleeping on it and it started to grow a hump in the middle of it...The store didn't believe it was possible, I had to call the manufacture to get a competent person to validate it was defective..before Art Vans agreed to replace it... unfortunately the third bed was exactly the same,, it was never comfortable from the very first day and 5 days in the same sagging and the same hump growing,,, the only way I have even been able to sleep is putting 5 blankets on top of it to cushion myself... the damage this bed did to me in the first five days took my back and neck weeks to recover from....Once Again Art vans does not believe it is possible this bed could be defective,,, and they just want me to pick another bed,,, and that is that,, they don't think that anyone from Kluft should have to validate it for me again;,,, the problem is,, this bed was the best one in the store,, NOW I HAVE TO SETTLE FOR SOMETHING I DON'T WANT JUST TO MAKE ME GO AWAY,,,, Very poor customer service. If this is how you stand by your products, I would prefer it if Art Van's would just take back the bed and give me a credit towards furniture of some other kind,,, so I am not stuck with some bed that I know will be nothing like the first bed I bought... Its not right telling a person the only options after all they put me through,, all the painful sleepless nights,,, that I have to pick a bed that is by far sub standard,,,,I tried all your other beds you don't have any other ones I want,,, please just give me store credit for furniture and I will go away.

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    I am going through the same thing g with them.

    By: Anonymous on June 28, 2019

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