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Posted by Aaron from Topeka, KS on August 14, 2018


For full review, please visit any other review site (Yelp has the full story). This is just the partial that could fit on the word count limit.

Let's tell a story. Me and my fiance recently moved into a house that had been empty for a little over a month. There was an exterminator that had come out to spray for bugs and check everything out just to be safe, and he reported back "No bed bugs, which is good because they are a growing epidemic that we are not sure how to stop." Well, a week after we had moved in and had no issues with bites, we decided we would buy a bed from American Freight located just off of 37th and Kansas in Topeka KS. This was the start of the mistake.

We go there and the people are friendly, but we thought fake (which is understandable, they are trying to sell things and it was later in the day). We decided to buy a queen size bed for around $750, not the most expensive, but definitely not the cheapest. We asked to take it home that night and that was not a problem, they even sold us the protective covering that goes with it. As I back my truck up to load this bed and box spring, we notice that some of the plastic had some small holes in it, but not that big of a deal, we were both really excited about it. We get it home and unload it, set it up, and put brand new sheets straight from the dryer being fluffed (I mean who doesn't like their sheets to be out of the dryer warm and soft when you lay on them).

Day 3: We notice that we both have a few bites around our ankles, but accredited it to either chiggers or mosquitoes from the outside. We didn't think too much about it and went about our day normally.

Day 4: My fiancé wakes up with roughly 100 bites throughout her body, torso, legs, neck, entire thing, and we both thought it was really odd..... Continued at:

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    I looked on Yelp and all I saw was 1 review that was 5 stars...I was interested in the rest of the story because I was looking at possibly purchasing a mattress set from them.

    By: Anonymous on September 13, 2018

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