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Don't buy these pillows !

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Posted by 99208 A from Spokane, WA on June 12, 2013

About a month ago I purchased a mattress & four memory foam pillows. These were the top of the line memory foam pillows. When I was in the store there were two types of these pillows - very hard and a medium soft. I ordered the softer pillows and was told to use them for 30 days prior to returning to kind of work them in & become adjusted to the type of pillow. The problem was the ones I received were very hard and not at all what I was suppose to get - but still I tried to use them with a lot of discomfort. When I tried to return them - which I was told 100% satisfaction - they refused to return my money. I could trade them for another product. There were no pillows in the store that were as much as these $335 pillows. Now I'm suppose to be satisfied with four pillows that cost half the price for the full price I paid. After spending over an hour trying to talk sense into the store manage and sales person I left. I feel like I've been scammed - fast talking - no logic sales mumbo jumbo. I'd rate this a -0- on the satisfaction scale.

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    Official Response
    As the owner of Affordable mattress and Futon Gallery I can honestly say THIS WAS NOT OUR CUSTOMER!!!! How I could know this you may ask? Well WE DON'T SELL PILLOWS AND HAVE YET TO ORDER ANY FROM ANYONE? However we will be hopefully soon carrying a line of inexpensive memory foam pillows ranging in price from $22 to $50 each. So no four pillows even if we had them would never cost $335 at Affordable Mattress and Futon Gallery! STOP SHOPPING AT THE OVER PRICED CHAIN STORES AND STOP BUY THE "REAL" AFFORDABLE MATTRESS AND FUTON GALLERY FOR A FAIR PRICE ON MATTRESSES, FUTONS, AND SOON YES PILLOWS, JUST NOT $335 PILLOWS!

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